Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Pencil Eraser Comparison Review that never Was

Had been meaning to review a couple of erasers (Staedtler Rasoplast from Germany, Factis Black 18 from Spain, and Sakura SJ-100 from Japan) that I picked up on a whim on different occasions because I wanted to see how they compared to my current main choices: the reliable Staedtler Mars Plastic, the square profile and slender Mitsubishi Boxy eraser, and the Sakura Electric eraser I keep on my desk for the tough cases.
Thus I laid down some HB and 8B test swatches on my Strathmore Drawing Visual Journal and arranged the erasers for their in-depth comparison review ...
... and you know what? I found no significant difference in their performance. They all erased the HB marks completely with no problem, and they all left some ghost graphite residue behind after removing most of the 8B marks. Thus so long as you can find them at a reasonable price (most of the block erasers retail for under a buck each), you could use either of them for everyday erasing chores. The black erasers might have a cosmetic edge in that they do not show graphite smudges in their already dyed black surface of course. While there might be some subtle differences among them in durability, amount of debris produced, resiliency, and hardness, I suspect that they are interchangeable for the average user and would work well in any sketching kit.
Of course if you were looking for something to beat them all, you might have to look for a novelty eraser wielding its own eraser hammer which by the way also erases the HB marks just fine ;).

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