Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Newest additions to the Collection: Faber Castell TK 9600 Clutch Pencil and Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pens Set

Just got this Faber Castell TK 9600 Clutch Pencil through an E-Bay dealer from South Korea, Thus I am guessing that they must be manufactured there, since I have not seen them offered from any other sources. While its packaging and barrel color certainly match the Japanese made Faber Castell TK-Fine Vario L 0.3/0.35 mm mechanical pencil, I found it odd that the box had a spelling error ("Circlular"?) and incorrectly stated that the TK-9600 featured an eraser. It does not have an eraser, but a built-in lead pointer in the push button that works quite well in an emergency. Its construction is mostly plastic with some metal fittings, so it is pretty light weight. The plastic tube that holds the 2 mm lead inside feels like it sticks a bit to the metal push button when activated, and you have to press it 7 times to fully extend the lead point beyond the conical point cover. The included graphite lead had no markings, but it seems to be a B lead since it is pretty dark and smeared a bit. The Faber Castell TK-9600 is a nice addition to a leadholders collection for its looks, but you might get a sturdier sketching tool and smoother performance from an all-metal leadholder like the Staedtler 925-25-20.
The Ohto Graphic Liner Needle Point Drawing Pens Set was part of my last Jet Pens order. While I still have to put them through some more rigorous testing, I am quite pleased thus far with their smooth ink flow and sturdy metal tips that allow me to write and sketch with a heavy hand without having to worry about bending the tips. The different point sizes make it a versatile set for rendering interior details with finer strokes and using a heavier line for outlining sketches. Good choice for use on the run. Quick update: I have been using these pens for the past few days to doodle, and found that the larger pen sizes tend to periodically leave gobs of ink on the paper. Finer nibs seem to work fine thus far.

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