Friday, March 8, 2013

KUM Tip Top Cap Sharpener and Mini-Cap eraser combo / Pop-Line spotlight

Picked up a couple of "Kum Sharpener Cap and eraser combos" in my last order from Jerry's.  While not too crazy with the color I got (apparently they come in pink, blue, green, and yellow), it can be a pretty useful gadget for pencil users.  This pencil accessory is the KUM version of the Faber Castell Perfect Pencil.  It is also sold as the Tip Top Scribble.  The cap sharpener has quite a few functions for such a compact body: pocket clip, pencil sharpener, pencil point protector, pencil extender, and waste container.  It yields a short taper point on standard size pencils.  Combined with the mini-cap eraser, you could post them on both ends of a pencil to keep your pencil case or school bag tidy and free of stray graphite smudges.  The Mini-Cap eraser can also serve as a pencil point protector besides being a fair eraser.  This combo could make your favorite wooden pencil as convenient and functional as a mechanical pencil.  You could clip it to a shirt pocket, and restore its working point anywhere.  While small, its covered waste compartment allows you to sharpen and hold the shavings until you are close to a proper trash bin. Since either accessory can be used to cover the working end of a sharp pencil, they can prevent accidental stabbings while keeping the pencil ready for use.  With the sharpener cap posted in the back, you could use a pencil down to short stubs.  Though capped pencils can get rather long when new, this KUM Pop-Line combo would still make a nice addition to a pencil sharpener collection or a lot of back-to-school supplies.

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