Friday, December 28, 2012

Daler Rowney Simply Artist Pencil Roll set review

Spotted this Daler Rowney Simply Artist Pencil Roll set in the art supplies section of a local Walmart.  The water-resistant black nylon pencil roll is made in China, and the 18 triangular pencils included (12 colored pencils and 6 graphite pencils from 2H through 4B) are from Taiwan. From using the pencils to make a reference color chart, it is clear they are student grade.  The colors were muted, and the difference between graphite grades was rather subtle. The roll can hold up to 30 pencils in separate pockets.  A transparent plastic flap rests on the opposite end of the pencils to keep them from falling out when closed and during transport.  Yet the flap is not likely to help much as the pencils get shorter with use. The roll is secured by tying together the two cords attached to one of its ends.  While perhaps not as quick and easy to use as the Derwent Canvas Wrap, it might still make for a nice introductory choice for those shopping for a value-priced pencil case or a gift for a budding artist.  It functions adequately as an organizer in a studio setting, and it is fairly compact when closed as an efficient storage solution.

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