Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting warmed up with recent Blick's loot

Here I go again trying to resume blogging before the year is over despite some technical difficulties (my desktop and scanner recently went to computer heaven and have yet to replace them, so I'm just winging it with my laptop and digital camera).  Thanks Melissa for the gift card that made this particular art loot possible.  With the holidays fast approaching, I can assure you dear readers that a Blick's or Jet Pens gift card would be a pretty good choice for the artists in your lists.  As soon as I spotted this unique art manikin, Adam the Doodles Man, in the Blick's holiday catalog I knew I had to add him to my collection of drawing references.  This wire frame manikin is indeed quite easy to pose given the wide range of movement of its metal joints.  Functional drawing reference tool that does double duty as a nice decoration or stress-relief toy in any artist's studio.  Just a bit curious as to how long the joints will remain nice and tight.
Also got a set of Faber Castell Pitt artist pens that includes 3 new pen nibs: the soft brush (SB), soft chisel (SC), and round 1.5 mm tip (1,5).  The soft nibs felt quite juicy and readily released their India ink even during quick strokes, but they will likely require quite a bit more practice to fully control them.  The round nib is quite rigid, so it yields a fairly uniform line.  The original Pitt brush nib tends to produce a "dry brush" effect when drawing faster strokes.  This Faber Castell set of 8 pigment pens provides convenience with a god expressive range, so it would be ideal for working with pen and ink while on the go.  Finally picked up a Copic mini wallet to store some of my spare flesh color Sketch markers, and I was a tad surprised by how tight the small holding loops felt and how hard it was to slide the marker barrels through them.  Hoping they will loosen up some with further use.  Still it is a pretty sleek storage for a handful of markers, couple of multiliners, and a wide marker or a bottle of Copic Various ink refill.  The PanPastel tray of 10 will make it easier to keep my palettes organized and ready for travel.  The lid fits well over the covered and uncovered individual pans, but it is recommended to always shake off any loose pastel powder to prevent the colors from contaminating each other during storage and transport.

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