Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tru Point Standard Leaholder Review

Found another vintage new old stock (NOS) 2 mm leadholder for my collection through E-bay: the Tru Point Standard. This metallic blue pencil arrived neatly packed in its cardboard box along with a folded product catalog and display card in pristine condition. Its design and color reminded me of appliances and lab equipment from the 60s and 70s. Other than some minor cosmetic differences in their barrels, it turned out to be pretty much the same as the red No. 120 Tru-Point Automatic Lead holder reviewed back in March.
Both were made entirely of very similar metal parts (probably aluminum) in the USA, so they are quite sturdy but still pretty lightweight. The graphite lead can naturally be loaded through either end, but refilling the leadholder through the back seemed to offer less resistance. What is pretty unique about these Tru Point leadholders is that the drawing lead advances a set length without been released completely when the push button is depressed. Thus the lead can not be dropped accidentally because a second spring hidden within the internal metal chamber keeps it in place. In the case of the the automatic version, every additional push on the push button advances the lead by the same set increment. The standard version advances the drawing lead at smaller increments. Sometimes it advanced so slowly, that originally it gave the impression that it stayed the same length despite of how many times its push button was depressed. With their complete metal construction both leadholders feel quite solid, and I suspect they must have provided a lifetime of reliable service to American draftmen in the last century. Probably the only time one might have needed a replacement would have been when they were lost or misplaced.
It came loaded with a 2H lead which I quickly replaced with a softer B lead for quicker shading. Recommended sketching tool with an American historical flair and unique mechanical design of its inner chamber.


Joshua said...

I've been wanting to pick one of those up for awhile now. Based on your review, I guess I'll be hitting ebay.

B2-kun said...

Think you will find it a fine sketching tool. Currently working on a video review featuring the 8" X 5.5" movie sketchbook and some tools including the Tru-Point pencil.