Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Royal Langnickel Sketching Pencils Set Review

John from generously sent me this Royal Langnickel Sketching Pencils Set to try and review. He reported that he recently acquired several sets for a buck each. While this was my first time trying this particular brand, I did recognize them from value sketching sets often seen in the bargain sections of bookstores and craft stores. The back of the pencil box indicated that these pencils were made in China. There was a lack of consistency in the pencil slats, since some pencils were made with slats of different color. The softer B leads were rather crumbly, and their tips broke quite easily. Thus the softest 6B pencil wore down rather quickly after the repeated sharpenings required to keep it pointed for this doodle test. While the 12 different pencils were labeled 5H through 6B, their reference chart drawn on smooth paper revealed little change in darkness among the pencil grades on either side of the HB pencil. All the H pencil swatches were pretty much indistinguishable from each other, and the same held true for the B pencils. The 6B pencil was the smoothest and clearly laid down thicker darker lines than the harder H pencils. The Royal Langnickel Sketching Pencils Set is an adequate introduction to the fact that pencils are available in different grades of hardness. Beginners might learn the differences between H and B graphite grades from trying out this set. Value priced, it makes for a suitable choice for kids' classes or field use since you would not mind much if some pencils were to get lost. Compared to premium graphite pencils though, these Royal graphite pencils feel rather rough and weak. Unless you also find them in the dollar bin, I would recommend skipping them altogether and investing on a set of true artist grade pencils instead. Bottom line: they are ok to try just so you can better appreciate the improvement in performance of premium artist grade pencils.

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