Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Got some "New" Vintage Lead for my Leadholders collection

George from My Supply Room blog generously sent me this vintage German tube of A.W. Faber Castell F Drawing Leads that contained a total of 14 drawing leads. Just made a quick 3-min video review for it. Thought it appropriate to photograph it next to the successive Faber Castell models of lead packaging for a quick comparison.
The vintage tube comfortably held 12 graphite leads (F grade), 2 red drawing leads (A Mars-Lumochrom 1921 red and an unlabeled orange-red lead), and a small paper ad insert for the Castell Loctite 9800 SG leadholder. The Lumochrom features a handy metal ring on one end to prevent it from falling out from the leadholder.
Close up view of its markings. Curiously the second red lead did not have any indicating its brand or origin, but it laid down marks that had more of an orange hue as seen in the photos below.
While contemporary drawing lead tube packaging might tend to close more securely and protect each lead more effectively within separate compartments, the translucent green vintage vial with its snug golden metal cap has an undeniable charm and a smaller footprint. Without the extra plastic walls, the vintage tube also had a greater carrying capacity. It could hold 2-4 more leads per tube than more modern Faber Castell lead rectangular boxes. As its contents got used up, I could see how the chance for lead breakage could have increased as the remaining leads would be rattling within the single hollow tube. The lead box design Faber Castell TK 9071 currently available in stores holds 10 leads and features a slide open clear plastic hinge lid that is pretty convenient and can not get lost as easily as a separate cap piece.
Used a Staedtler 780, the Rotring Art Pencil, and the Faber Castell TK-9400 2 mm leadholders to make some test marks on the Pentalic hardbound sketchbook with all three leads. They all glided smoothly leaving crisp lines on the 70 lb paper.
That's the beauty of these vintage drafting supplies: probably over half a century old and still work just fine.Comparing this vintage lead against the Mitsubishi Uni F and KIN Duo F graphite leads on a Rhodia dotPad.
Definitely worth getting for leadholder fans to round up your collections. Thanks again George for sending me this fine vintage tube of drafting leads.

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