Friday, September 25, 2009

Rhodia Pad 11 - ideal choice for compact sketching on the go

Continuing my reviews of the Exaclair samples, we'll take a look at a nice compact doodle pad. The smooth grid pages of the Rhodia Pad No. 11 readily accept the black ink from my favorite Uni-ball Signo DX 0.38 mm gel pen and the waterproof India ink from the Faber Castell Pitt Artist pen. The No. 11 pad measures roughly 3" X 4", so it fits easily on any pocket. I really like how neatly its scored cover folds back behind the sturdy chipboard support while in use. Its signature orange cover make it really easy-to-spot within black messenger bags or a black sketching backpack.
Managed to get a couple of dozens of mini sketches done while waiting for over 4 hours at a hospital. The perforated pages can be removed quite easily from the pad, so all the mini sketches came off cleanly without ripped edges.
For instances where a regular sketching backpack would prove too cumbersome and impractical, the Rhodia pad 11 and a reliable black gel pen can satisfy the need to doodle and sketch quite efficiently.


Tom in Vegas said...

Interesting. I thought the grid configuration might be a visual hindrance, but after looking at your drawings I realize that no such thing occurs.

I could have looked at one (Rhodia Pad) up close today since I had to stop by Blicks to pick up a few supplies. I have some Moleskines for quick sketching and other operations, but I'm not completely enamored with the paper texture. Take care:0)

B2-kun said...

I have several Moleskines around as well, but I have to admit it has been a while since I picked one of them up. They sure are nice and compact to take along at the last moment, but I have been reaching for the Rhodia pads, Handbook journals, and even loose sheets of card stock instead lately. The Rhodia Pad #16 (6 X 8.25) is available with plain sheets for when one is not in the mood to sketch against a gridded background.