Monday, August 24, 2009

The Faber Castell Perfect Pencil for Children

As much as I enjoy the convenience and value of online shopping for most of my art supplies needs, the experience somewhat lacks the sense of wonder and discovery of strolling through the well-stocked aisles of an actual store. I really enjoy finding rare items while traveling and visiting brick and mortar stores. Last time I stopped at the Pearl store in Miami, I found this curious Faber Castell red cardboard gift box in the display case along with their fine writing pens. I was told it had been there "forever" by the sales clerk. Initially, I had some difficulty gleaning the nature of this set. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that it was another version of the The Faber Castell Perfect Pencil.
Label on the bottom of the gift box.
This "fun set" version of the Perfect Pencil was clearly designed for children: the sharpener section features an stylized "rooster head" in red and yellow plastic, the pencil holder/extender section is also made entirely out of green plastic with no interior metal grip, and the four B round barreled graphite pencils are painted in bright primary colors plus green and capped with colorful erasers. It works well as a pencil point protector and a pencil extender.
Functional addition to any graphite pencil collection, but rather hard to find. It certainly stands out among my other pencil holders/extenders. I have not found any online sources or references to this pencil set yet. From its absence in the official Faber Castell website, I suspect it might have been a limited edition gift set and currently discontinued.

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memm said...

What a fantastic, rare find! I never heard of this version of the Perfect Pencil before. Thanks for sharing this with us.